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Top 5 Neighborhoods for Families in San Diego

Finding the right neighborhood for your family is extremely important, and not always easy, especially if you don’t live near the area you’re moving to. There are a variety of factors to consider that will have a big impact on your family’s life, especially local school quality, crime rates, and nearby attractions such as libraries, parks, museums, or movie theaters. Here’s the run down on the 5 best neighborhoods for families in San Diego:

  1. Del Mar Heights

As one of the most desired neighborhoods in the city of San Diego, the biggest attraction of Del Mar is its location. It sits along the coast, offering plenty of beautiful beachfront property. With little more than 13,000 residents it is a friendly, tight-knit community. It is an exceptionally safe suburb, with a better crime rate than 83% of all cities in California. Local schools include the Del Mar Hills Academy and Del Mar Heights School, both with excellent ratings. Additionally, it is a vibrant neighborhood with a plethora of family-friendly activities, including two nearby parks, Powerhouse Park and Crest Canyon Park, as well as Torrey Pines Golf Course. You can also visit La Jolla Cove to the south for some coastal restaurants and snorkeling.

Median home value: $1,102,320

Median monthly rent: $1,669

  1. Solana Beach

Solana Beach is another seaside neighborhood known to have one of the highest average incomes in San Diego. Just like Del Mar, it has an impressively low crime rate, exceptional local schools, and plenty of personality with nearby coffee shops, parks, and restaurants. It also has a comparable population size of about 13,300, consisting of a diverse demographic from retirees to young working professionals. The unemployment rate and poverty rate are a low 3.8 and 4.9 percent, respectively. Unlike most West Coast neighborhoods, Solana Beach has a conservative political majority.

Median home value: $1,485,446

Median monthly rent: $2,074

  1. Encinitas

This is one of San Diego’s most popular residential areas, home to over 62,000 residents. One of the most common activities in the area, aside from surfing, is horseback riding, which is seen often in the more inland areas. Encinitas is one of the more affordable upper-middle class neighborhoods, but is still renowned for high quality local schools, multiple miles of gorgeous coastline, and vibrant culture. It largely attracts a younger audience compared to other wealthy neighborhoods and has a conservative majority.

Median home value: $820,400

Median monthly rent: $1,791

  1. Coronado

Coronado sits on a peninsula surrounded by calm beaches with a small population of about 25,000. Unlike the other neighborhoods on the list, the majority of residents in Coronado rent as opposed to own property. Although it is surrounded by water, offering gorgeous vistas, it is still conveniently close to downtown San Diego, and there are multiple highways and interstates for efficient travel. Of course, it boasts excellent public schools and a low crime rate, and also features an impressively high education rate among the residents, with almost 80% having some level of higher education and 30% having master’s degrees.

Median home value: $1,332,500

Median monthly rent: $2,268

  1. Carlsbad

As one of the larger San Diego neighborhoods, Carlsbad reaches over 113,000 in population. It covers a diverse landscape, featuring coastal property as well as mountainous inland regions. This area is the most affordable on the list, and still reps A grade schools with exceptional graduation rates. The housing market in this neighborhood is stable, making it suitable for property investment. The unemployment rate is 5.2 percent and the poverty rate is 6.6 percent.

Median home value: $674,000

Median monthly rent: $1,830

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