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Get The Best Price For Your Commercial Property In 2021

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Posted by Pete Evering on November 18, 2021
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Get The Best Price For Your Commercial Property In 2021

Commercial property can be a highly lucrative investment. Hotels, office buildings, leisure centers, and stores tend to attract large numbers of people, so, when managed correctly, such investments can give you a lot of bang for your buck.


Sooner or later though, it comes time to sell up and move on to the next big thing. When you reach that point, it’s prudent to take a considered and measured approach for the best outcome. It isn’t always easy to sell a commercial property, and it takes a certain amount of skill to entice the perfect prospects and get the best price possible.


If you’re looking to sell a commercial property for the very first time, check out these five valuable tips. They should furnish you with some of the tools and know-how you need to maximize your profits and achieve a quicker sale. 
Be smart about pricing

Whether or not you decide to consult with a professional on this, you need to be smart and strategic about your pricing. Remember that this is all about maximizing your profits. That simply won’t be possible if you pitch your property’s price either too low or too high.  


This is why doing commercial property research would be the best approach. Take a look at what other commercial properties like yours are selling for at the moment, and keep an eye on how fast they sell. And, if you hire an expert, you can request a detailed report that will give you a closer look at how buildings like yours are currently faring on the property market. 
Keep it in good condition  

This isn’t something you can address at the last minute in preparation for sale. Keeping your commercial property in good condition is a long-term job and one you have to stay on top of throughout your ownership.


If there’s one thing that is sure to decrease the value of a commercial property, it’s flood damage. From structural failings to mould contamination and leaks, there are so many possible scenarios you’ll need to protect your property from. So, take the necessary steps to do so right from the start.


Other than that, you should also aim to prevent infestations, contamination, and damage in all areas of your building. 


What you can do prior to selling is to ensure that any noticeable repairs are carried out and that the property is, at the very least, in a generally clean and usable state.
Make upgrades as necessary 

In addition to maintaining the condition, to get top dollar for the building you’re trying to sell, you have to make improvements wherever they’re needed. Just as upgrading anything outdated, broken, or unsightly in your home can instantly boost your profits, the same is true for commercial buildings.


In property, if you want to add significant value, a general rule is to spend 2% of the building’s value on renovations. Consider repainting, ripping out and reimagining whole rooms, and modernizing the basics such as the plumbing and electrical systems for maximum returns. 
Work with the best people

It’s already been said, but it’s well worth repeating: selling commercial property is not easy, so work towards strengthening your position as much as you can. To navigate all of the many intricacies of the commercial selling process, it’s best to work with people who understand the game inside and out.


So, reach out to a professional commercial real estate manager who can guide you through the flurries of paperwork, assist you with your listing, and manage your expectations. Admittedly, this will cost you extra. But, especially if you’re particularly inexperienced, getting expert assistance is likely to be worth the money. 
Target your ideal buyers

If you understand who you’re selling to, you will be far better prepared to pitch the property in terms that appeal to them. Most prospective buyers have particular questions in mind. If you can anticipate the areas that are likely to be most important to them, you have a far better chance of presenting a buyer opportunity that is more likely to pique their interest.


You might also have to make additional changes to the property to make it more appealing to them. Again, you won’t know what those are unless you understand your target audience and speak directly to them.
Final thoughts
Generally speaking, you can enjoy far higher returns on commercial properties than residential ones, as they usually average between 5% and 10% net. To achieve that, however, you have to be savvy and switched on. If you don’t show the property some TLC, employ a solid strategy, and engage with experts in the field, you’ll likely struggle to make the gains you’re hoping for.

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