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Top Storage Tips for Small Apartments

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Posted by Pete Evering on November 12, 2021
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Top Storage Tips for Small Apartments

If you live in a small apartment or you’ve downsized, it can be easy to let clutter and extra stuff pile up. Finding enough storage for everything is a challenge; You’ll have to get creative with storage options. Luckily, there are many ways to get the most out of your space and keep your apartment looking clean and tidy. Here are some clever tips to maximizing the storage in your space:


Of course, if you’re out of storage, the first step is always to cut out as much clutter as possible. Take some time to go through your belongings and reassess what you really need and what is just taking up space. If you have a pile of keepsakes or mementos you want to hold on to for a long time, consider putting them in a storage unit, along with larger items that you don’t need with you. You’ll probably find that there are quite a few things you have lying around that can be donated or thrown away.

Bedroom Storage

Working with a small closet or a small bedroom isn’t easy. Here are some essential bedroom storage hacks:

  • Under the bed storage: Get a bed frame with drawers and cubbies to store sweaters, shoes, books, or anything else. You can also get some under bed boxes or shoe organizers to put underneath your bed.
  • Storage headboard: Opt for a headboard that has shelving and cubbies, or if you’re up for the challenge, build your own!
  • TV stand footboard: If you’re low on bedroom space, create a cozy nook by using a footboard as an entertainment center. It can also double as a nightstand.

Living Room Storage

Most of your extra knickknacks and miscellaneous items will end up being stored in the living room, so here are some clever ways to disguise your storage solutions as decor:

  • Behind the couch: If your couch sits against a wall, consider moving it forward a bit to slide in a book cart or cubbies behind it.
  • Decorative boxes: Use cute storage boxes to hide your belongings in plain sight.
  • Storage ottoman: Of course, if you have an ottoman, it needs to be one with storage. This is a great place to hide blankets for the colder months.

Kitchen Storage

Small apartments often have extremely limited kitchen storage, which is especially difficult if you like to cook. There are many ways to keep all of your cookware and dishware tidy in a small kitchen:

  • Fold down table: Instead of having a dining table taking up space, opt for a table that folds down from the wall. They often are suited with cabinets or other storage solutions that are fully hidden away when the table is not in use.
  • Shelving and wall hooks: When it comes to small apartments, you should always utilize vertical space. Hang pots and pans on hooks or install wall shelves. You can also hang a magnetic knife rack, cutting boards, or bins and baskets for smaller goods.
  • Rolling island: A rolling island storage cart is an essential kitchen furniture piece for small spaces. You can actually use one of these anywhere in your home as a portable table with storage built in.
  • Oven and microwave: If you have some pots and pans and nowhere to put them, they can always be hidden from view in the oven or microwave.

Other Storage Tips

Use these storage and design principles throughout your home to save space:

  • Behind the door: Always utilize the space behind doors. You can find shelving and hook units that easily hang over the top of the door to store things like shoes, towels, belts, or anything you need quick access to.
  • Use a storage room divider: There are many room dividers that offer shelving if you need to separate two spaces, like the kitchen and the living room.
  • Use curtains to hide clutter: If you have areas of your apartment that gather lots of clutter, use a curtain to close off that space from the rest of the room. This can apply to any area of the apartment — how about above the kitchen cabinets?

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