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Vancouver City Profile

Across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon, with a population just under 185,000 as of 2019, is Vancouver, Washington, part of Clark County. While it shares a name with the prominent Canadian city, Vancouver, Washington is squarely perched on the Washington-Oregon Border, far from the Canadian border. Vancouver is Washington’s fourth largest city.

With such a short drive separating them, Vancouver has usually been seen as a suburb of Portland’s metro hub, but in recent years has seen both commercial and residential development that makes it a bustling city in its own right. That also means it’s a great place to look if you’re thinking of investing in commercial or residential real estate in 2022, and the perfect option for those seeking rental housing in Vancouver or in the Washington-Oregon border region, especially those with jobs in Portland or surrounding areas.

Vancouver’s is currently a seller’s market, with buyers facing stiff competition for the most attractive properties. The current median home value is $545,000 as of January, 2021, and homes generally stay on the market less than three months. The median value for condos and townhomes is closer to $300,000. The average rent in Vancouver, Washington is $1,550, with rentals coming out to 900 square feet of space on average.

Like any medium-large sized city in the upper west coast, the city of Vancouver boasts a variety of neighborhoods to accommodate just about any demographic and lifestyle. With a busy downtown district and plenty of public parks, cultural institutions, and restaurants, not to mention such immediate proximity to Portland, there’s always something to do. In general, schools in Vancouver are well regarded, and neighborhoods are usually safe with a suburban feel. Crime in Vancouver is not notably high.

Utopia Management is proud to service the city of Vancouver. Here’s a look at some of Vancouver’s best neighborhoods to buy and rent in 2022.

Fisher’s Creek

Family-oriented Fisher’s Creek is located right along State Road 14, close to the banks of the Columbia River. Known as a peaceful and very much suburban area, Fisher’s Creek tends to attract established professionals with families seeking refuge from city life. Public schooling in Fisher’s Creek of exceptional quality, another reason so many families settle here. Fisher’s Creek is one of the city’s hotspots for residential development, with new houses being built frequently.


If you’re a young professional who’s looking for an environment with the activity and intrigue of an urban area but with a more laid back, suburban feel – or if you’re interested in renting to someone that fits that description – Shumway should be one of your options. With plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bars, Shumway has plenty of opportunities to unwind and socialize. Most Shumway residents rent housing, but there are still homeowners and homes on the market. Since Shumway is one of Vancouver’s older neighborhoods, its residential real estate stock features antique, charming architecture.

Lake Shore

Fifteen minutes from downtown Vancouver is Lake Shore, one of Vancouver’s decidedly rural neighborhoods. As its name suggests, Lake Shore is situated on the east shore of Vancouver Lake, with Vancouver Lake Park opposite on the west shore. Lake Shore is home to families, retirees, and others desiring the country life without the isolation that comes with many rural locations. Most residents of Lake Shore are homeowners.

Camas, Washington

Camas is not technically part of Vancouver. A distinct city with a population of 20,000, Camas is located east of Vancouver. Because of their proximity to each other, the two cities have a close relationship, with many Camas residents commuting to Vancouver for work, or vice versa. Camas is notable for its comparatively affordable housing for the Portland region, accessible healthcare, and prevalence of its natural settings.

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