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10 Perks of Relocating to Long Beach California

10 Perks of Relocating to Long Beach California

Located on the coast of Southern California, Long Beach offers a pleasant mix of beachy charm, cultural richness, and a tight-knit community. Long Beach has become a popular destination for not only tourists but transplants who are now calling this city home. From the beautiful weather to the vibrant arts and culture scene to the laid-back atmosphere, these are only a few reasons why Long Beach California can be considered a wonderful place to live.

Hub for Job Opportunities

There are a variety of job opportunities in Long Beach in leading industries such as education, aerospace, tech, and healthcare, and the job market is only growing. The port of Long Beach is also hosts a variety of job opportunities in homeland security, environmental protection, and public service. Major employers in the area include Boeing, Frontier Communications and the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Top-rated Walkability and Public Transit

Long Beach is not only one of the most walkable cities in Southern California but across the country. You’ll find that the majority of restaurants, shops, and attractions are in relatively close distance from each other. It also has a thriving bike culture with its bike paths, bike-share programs located around the city, and a general bike-friendly atmosphere. There are also plenty of options for public transport with the Long Beach Transit bus, Passport bus, and water taxis.

Thriving Art and Culture Scene

Long Beach offers a rich and diverse art scene showcased amongst its theatres, galleries, and museums. You could spend endless afternoons strolling through the Museum of Latin American Art and the Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum, or sit in on a live performance at the Long Beach Playhouse. You’ll also find street art and public murals scattered throughout the city for passersby to enjoy. 

LGBTQ+ Inclusive

Long Beach has stood among the top cities in the country for LGBTQ+ culture and inclusivity. The City’s annual Long Beach Pride is a joyous and vibrant event that takes place every August to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with headlining performers, vendors, drag performances, and a huge parade with more than 200 marching groups.

Year-round Community Events

There are plenty of opportunities to connect with your community through the various events that take place throughout the year in Long Beach. The Acura Grand Prix, Long Beach Jazz Festival, Long Beach Pirate Invasion, and Sea Festival are just a few annual events where locals can get together and celebrate their city and community pride.

Entertainment for Kids

Keeping the kids entertained on the weekends is no problem in Long Beach. There are plenty of destinations to bring the little ones including the Aquarium Pacific, the El Dorado Nature Center, Agape Children’s Museum, or the Long Beach Waterfront. There are also parks scattered throughout the city with walking and biking trails and fields for league sports. Long Beach Unified School District is also highly rated.

Bustling Nightlife and Food Scene

Home to some of the top restaurants in the LA area, Long Beach really touts its fresh seafood selection. It’s a hotspot for crab, lobster, and oysters enjoyed outdoors on one of the many dining patios to choose from. The bustling nightlife also makes for a great time with great drinks at bars ranging from high-end lounges, to divey pool halls, to karaoke bars. 

Beautiful Beaches and Weather

If you’re moving from a Northern state, it may shock you to find out that Long Beach enjoys nearly 290 days of sunshine and an average annual temperature between 60 and 80 degrees. This means plenty of days spent at the beach. As the name hints, Long Beach offers a beautiful 7-mile stretch of sandy, sun-kissed beaches with plenty of activities like fishing, beach volleyball, swimming, and kite surfing. 

No Shortage of Recreation and Outdoor Activities

A major perk of Long Beach is the year-round outdoor recreation that allows you to explore the city and local scenery. There are plenty of green spaces for a pickup soccer game at Marina Vista Park, trails to ride your bike or take a walk through Shoreline Aquatic Park, and opportunities to rent a swan boat and enjoy the sunset at Rainbow Lagoon. There are plenty of community spaces with a variety of hobbies and activities to take part in.

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