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Will your rental appeal to environmentally conscious?

Does your rental property appeal to the environmentally conscious? If your answer to this question is no, this article will provide you with tips to follow that will help your rental property appeal to people who are serious about protecting the environment.

Invest in A Smart Thermostat

Everyone from a small management company to large management companies know that our heating and air conditioner are two of the biggest things that consume energy in the United States. To make your rental more energy efficient and appealing to people who are environmentally conscious you should install a smart thermostat in your property.

A smart thermostat will regular the temperature in the rental property and ensure that it’s always set at the right temperature for your tenants.

Purchase Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Like most energy saving products, energy saving bulbs have been in existence now for a long time, but many people still prefer the older bulbs to new energy saver bulbs, but it makes sense to switch to an energy saver bulb because they last longer and actually provide more light.

The obvious benefit to your tenant that comes from having energy saver bulbs in your home is that your tenants will save money on their monthly electric bill and they won’t have to replace those bulbs as often.

Invest in Solar Panels

If you want to go all out at creating an eco-friendly rental property, then you should invest in solar panels because they will give your tenants the option of generating their own electricity and the option of selling back some of that electricity to the power grid.

Yes, solar panels are a longer-term investment and can possibly take up to 20 years for you to recoup your investment, but the investment will be worth it especially if you can rent your property to people who want to protect the environment and are also energy conscious.

Use Eco-Friendly Insulation

Another smart way to make your home eco-friendly is to invest in eco-friendly “green insulation”. This type of insulation has been proven to keep buildings warmer and save money on electricity costs on a monthly basis.

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