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How Will Oregon’s Rent Control Impact California? 

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Posted by Pete Evering on August 1, 2019
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How Will Oregon’s Rent Control Impact California? 

Rent control is one of the biggest topics of conversation among owners in 2019 thanks to Oregon implementing statewide rent control. The big question is how will rent control impact California? 

In today’s article, we will provide some insight into the topic of rent control and information on what the rental market in California can expect if statewide rent control is started here. 

Rent Control in California 

For over 12 months rent control has been a hot topic in California because it affects everyone from owners to renters. 

A recent ballot proposition (Prop 10) lost at the polls in November 2018 but our elected officials are eager to get some form of rent control passed, especially since Governor Newsom took office this year. 

Two rent proposals that are currently “on the table” in California include AB-1188 and AB-1482, both will enact different forms of rent control and give our elected officials the opportunity to meet the demands of the people that they represent.  

Oregon’s approval of rent control will no doubt have a positive impact on advancing rent control in California since most of our elected officials will point to its success in Oregon as a reason for starting it here. 

As a top company in California that specializes in real estate rental services and residential property management, we will keep you posted on the progress of the advancement of rent control in the Golden State. 

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