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Interested in Investing in Single Family Homes? Don’t Make These Investment Mistakes! 

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Posted by Pete Evering on October 3, 2019
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Interested in Investing in Single Family Homes? Don’t Make These Investment Mistakes! 

In 2019, single-family homes are still ideal to most investors because they like the return on investment that single-family properties can offer them. 

As a highly rated management company we can tell you that there are a few mistakes that you don’t want to make when you invest in rental property: 

#1 Not Being Prepared 

If you plan on financing a single-family home you should absolutely be prepared and ready to walk into your bank or lenders office with all of your paperwork ready because lacking one piece of financial documentation could make getting the financing that you want more difficult. 

#2 – Not Knowing the Numbers    

Before investing in a single-family home, you must do the numbers and make sure you understand everything about the deal including how much the property will cost, what your monthly expenses will be, and most important of all, what you can rent the property for on a monthly basis. 

#3 – Not Having A Property Management Team in Place 

Last of all, but most important, another big mistake that you don’t want to make when investing in a single-family rental property is the mistakes of not having a property management team in place. 

Hiring a property management company is important because they will save you the time and hassle of managing that property yourself so you can focus on growing your portfolio of investment properties. 

You have better things to do as an investor than focusing on collecting the rent, making repairs or handling customer service. Let your property manager handle those details so you can enjoy passive income from your rentals.  

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