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City Profile: Susanville

Susanville is situated in Northeastern California. Belonging to Lassen County, which borders the state of Nevada, Susanville’s origins date prior to the 1850s; originally named Rooptown after founder and pioneer Isaac Roop, its name was changed to Susanville in 1857 in honor of Roop’s daughter, Susan. Susanville was not incorporated as a town until 1900.

With a population under 18,000 and sitting over 4,000 feet above sea level in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and with a few reliable and consistent economic keystones, Susanville is a relatively quiet, peaceful, and safe location not only to live, but to invest.

Nature, Leisure, and Cultural Attractions

As a town proudly aware of its background, Susanville boasts cultural attractions like Roop’s fort, which was at one point used as a trading post in the days of gold rushes and boom towns. Lassen Historical Museum provides visitors with a taste of town history, showing off a collection of clothing, photographs, and historically significant trinkets.

Susanville provides access to the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada, with plenty of paths and trails well suited for hiking, mountain biking, and exploration. Bizz Johnson trail, which snakes through stunning country scenes full of native plants and animals, is lauded by eager locals.

Susanville’s main street is home to dozens of charming restaurants and bars. Fish fries, steak sandwiches, Chinese takeout, and other American staples can be found here, as well as the full suite of fast casual national chain restaurants.

Economy and Quality of Life

Once a hub of the regional logging and mining industries, Susanville’s economy is now entwined with the operation of correctional institutions. Two state prisons can be found in Susanville: the minimum-security California Correctional Center, and the High Desert State Prison. Herlong, a federal correctional facility, also calls the Susanville area home. Correctional institutions provide stable, reliable employment for a great deal of Susanville residents and ensure Susanville will remain an attractive location to rent a home or apartment.

Susanville also attracts postgraduate students, due to its unusually well developed medical infrastructure. Medical students from all over the country, and especially from University of Reno and California State University, move to Susanville to gain experience at Banner Lessen Medical Center and Northeastern Rural Health Clinic, both nationally recognized for advancements in medicine and patient care. Like the correctional institutions, these facilities guarantee a constant supply of renters.

Susanville Home Market

Susanville homes fall into a median home price of $188,000, not unreasonable for California. All in all, there are 3,882 houses and apartments in the Susanville area. The average rent of a single bedroom apartment is $550, while the average rent for an entire home is $1,725. As market conditions continue to heat up, especially in the state of California, property values in Susanville can be expected to fluctuate and likely rise, especially as more remote workers leave their home states for rural, semi-rural, and suburban locales elsewhere.

If you’re curious about investing in Susanville property, or are seeking a rental in Susanville, feel free to contact us at Utopia Management. We’re proud to serve property owners and rental tenants in the Susanville area, and we’d love to answer any of your questions.


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