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Investing in Temecula? What You Need to Know

Sixty miles north of San Diego lies the city of Temecula, belonging to Riverside County. Temecula forms the foot of California’s Inland Empire region, making up the Inland Empire’s southwest. It shares borders not just with San Diego, but with Murrieta and the Pechanga Reservation.

With just over 110 thousand people, Temecula – a relatively young city, having been incorporated in the late 1980s – is the fifth most populous of Riverside’s cities.

Nature, Culture, and Leisure

Temecula’s rather large population means a bounty of cultural and natural resources, as well as leisure activities. 

With 39 parks, 22 miles of hikeable trails, and 11 fully equipped public community facilities, Temecula features highly liveable outdoor space. Cyclists will enjoy its bike-friendly infrastructure, with the city of Temecula earning a bronze certification from the League of American Bicyclists in 2013.

With a climate comparable to that of the famed Napa Valley, it’s no wonder Temecula residents enjoy the outdoors, and no surprise that it features its own powerful wine culture. Temecula wine country draws vacationers and wine enthusiasts from California and from all over the world, supplying an important injection of tourist dollars to the city and region at large.

Temecula’s Old Town district is appreciated for its mix of modern and historically significant architecture. Located in the heart of the city, Old Town is a great place to shop for antiques, grab a bite, and enjoy an evening drink. Elsewhere, residents enjoy the full gamut of dining and shopping options, with the Promenade Mall and Power Center anchoring the city’s consumer needs. A handful of movie theaters call Temecula home, and residents enjoy live music in the city’s plentiful music venues and bars.

When the need arises to venture outside Temecula, highway access couldn’t be more convenient. Interstate Route 15 runs directly through the city, connecting it to San Diego in the south and to the Los Angeles metro area in the northwest, so Temecula residents can enjoy easy access to both of those cities in just a day’s driving time.

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