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Founded in 1884, the area of Creston is one that many people love to call home. They like the small town feel that this has to it and with the numerous state routes that go through this area, it makes it easy to get anywhere that you wish to go. Those who live here may have seen new faces around, and these people are more than likely renting those homes that they live in. Renting is becoming more of a better option for many people when compared to buying a home. This means that for those who have considered selling their home, it may be better to turn this into a rental home.

We Can Help

For those who are interested in turning their home into a rental home, they are going to find that it is always best to work with a professional on this adventure. Trying to go at this on your own could lead to you forgetting this idea and regretting this altogether. We are a full service property management firm that knows the Creston area and we have worked with several people in this area before.

What We Do

Just what do we do that makes your decision easier to turn a home into rental property? We start with advertising this home to the market using the best methods possible to reach a wide audience. We then use tenant screening services to find the best tenant possible for your rental home. We want someone who passes all the qualifications that you set, as well as someone who has a positive rental history. From there, we work with the tenant throughout their lease. If there are problems, they come to us. When rent needs to be collected, we do this. We do it all so that you don’t have to!

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